Urban Wildlife Management

Australia is home to many different species of urban-adapted protected native wildlife. Occasionally, wildlife can find itself in conflict with people or domestic animals and requires relocation. Fauna Solutions are able to ethically and legally implement management strategies, as well as capture and relocate individuals of most species.

Possums (Brushtail and Ringtail)

Brushtail and Ringtail Possums occur in very high abundance in most urban areas, often utilising roof spaces for shelter where they can cause issues with smells, sounds and damage. Fauna Solutions are able to seal up all roof entry points, capture the resident possums and relocate them to a supplied nest box nearby.

Scrub Turkeys

Scrub turkeys are an iconic species, common in most Brisbane suburbs with remnant vegetation such as Indooroopilly, Toowong, Chapel Hill and Kenmore. Unfortunately, their nesting habits of creating large mounds of mulch and leaf litter can create havoc in a manicured garden. Fauna Solutions are able to trap and relocate scrub turkeys in most situations where they are causing issues.

Other Birds

Several other urban bird species can be problematic, particularly around breeding season. These species include magpies, Torresian crows, noisy miners, masked lapwings (plovers), white ibis etc. Fauna Solutions are able to assess each situation and develop and ethical, humane strategy to minimise their impact or coordinate a relocation program to eliminate the impact.


Fauna Solutions have established ourselves as the market leaders in herpetological management in Queensland, often providing venomous snake handling and identification training to other environmental consultancies. We offer snake relocation services, as well as snakebite mitigation programs, signage installation, site assessments and educational seminars.

Nest Box Design and Installation

Fauna Solutions are able to supply, install and monitor nest boxes for a range of species.

Other Wildlife

If you are experiencing issues with any other wildlife species, Fauna Solutions are able to advise on potential solutions.