Fauna Spotter/ Catcher Services

Fauna Solutions has extensive experience with all facets of fauna spotter-catcher services.

From the clearing of individual habitat trees for residential sub-divisions, through to broad-scale clearing and trenching for mining and gas projects.

The presence of a fauna spotter-catcher (or fauna handler) is often stipulated in development approvals, however it is considered best-practice wherever clearing or disturbance of fauna habitat occurs.


Solutions are proficient with all aspects of fauna spotter-catching, including -

• Habitat assessments, including identifying potential habitat features
• Pre-clearance fauna surveys, including pre-clearance trapping programs
• Supervision of clearing operations, fuel reduction burns and easement maintenance
• Handling of wildlife, including venomous snakes
• Identification of wildlife, particularly threatened species
• Aquatic fauna rescue
• Handling and rehabilitation of injured wildlife
• Post-clear fauna surveys
• Development and adherence to Species Management Plans
• Chainsaw use
• EWP (elevated work platform) use
• Reporting

Fauna Solutions have provided fauna spotter-catchers for projects including trenching, residential subdivisions, bridge and road construction, power line easements, coal seam gas infrastructure and pipelines, mining, dam remediation (dewatering), and industrial developments.

Our three-tier approach to fauna management allow us to work seamlessly with clearing contractors, minimising delays and ensuring full compliance with legislation.

Fauna Solutions staff have a high degree of venomous snake handling experience (we train the other companies!), current Lyssavirus vaccination and will adhere to both internal and client safety procedures to ensure we maintain our perfect safety record.

Dewatering and Aquatic Fauna Salvage

The process of decommissioning and remediation of dams and wetlands often requires intensive management of aquatic fauna – turtles, amphibians, fish, crustaceans and sometimes even crocodiles!

Aquatic fauna salvage requires a unique skillset to ensure a safe, ethical and efficient relocation process. Fauna Solutions have the experience, equipment and procedures in place to develop and implement an effective aquatic fauna salvage plan.

Koala Spotter

In accordance with the Nature Conservation (Koala) Conservation Plan 2017, experienced koala spotters are required to supervise the clearing of koala habitat trees in designated koala districts.

Fauna Solutions are able to provide experienced koala spotters to undertake koala surveys (including thermal drone surveys), supervise clearing of koala habitat trees and ensure legislative compliance.