Venomous Snake Relocation Course

Fauna Solutions (as Educational Reptile Displays) were the first government approved venomous snake handling training provider in Queensland. In 2005, Jonathan Lucas (Fauna Solutions owner) drew upon his unique skillset from his time working at the largest snake venom production facility in Australia, Venom Supplies, to develop a safe, effective and ethical snake handling course for mining and resource companies.

We have been delivering this venomous snake handling course throughout Australia since 2006, training over 5000 individuals and maintaining a 100% safety record. With several recent training providers emerging, Fauna Solutions/Educational Reptile Displays offer a tried and tested course delivered by one of Australia’s foremost authorities on venomous snake management. Our courses are recognised Australia wide, and we can conduct them on site in the most remote locations.


Snake Awareness Seminars

With most construction and resource project locations being in remote areas, it’s imperative that all staff have a basic understanding of managing human/snake conflict.

Our Snake Awareness Seminars are toolbox-style sessions utilising both PowerPoint presentations and live animal demonstrations. We cover topics such as snakes of the local area, snakebite First Aid, myths and fallacies, managing a close encounter with a snake and minimising snake/human conflict situations.


Environmental Inductions and Education

Inductions and staff education are important aspects of construction and mining projects, particularly in areas with sensitive ecological constraints. It is important for all staff to understand their environmental obligations while on site to ensure compliance with any approval conditions.

Fauna Solutions are able to design and implement inductions and educational programs, with a particular focus on threatened species, their habitats and management of human/wildlife interaction.


Signage and Posters

Fauna Solutions are able to design posters and signage to assist with wildlife awareness and education.

These include custom snake identification posters for your specific area or project, snake awareness signage in areas of high snake/human conflict, sensitive or protected habitat area signage, Tree Protection Zone signage etc.